What do you think are the disadvantages of traveling with others?

It depends on many things.

Does family travel count? Or are you referring to traveling with friends?

I have not traveled with my parents since I was 15 years old, and I have only traveled once with friends, so you might as well say that I see almost nothing but drawbacks.

I love my friends and my parents but I never think of traveling with them again.

Travel is an experience that allows us to grow, and traveling with other people is necessarily a source of conflict of interest.

When I go abroad, I like being around locals, I like sharing with other expats, not with people I already know well enough. Traveling in a group is like closing in on yourself, in your comfort zone.

I get along great with my friends and relatives, but getting along in a 3 hour conversation and getting along for days on end are two different things.

Traveling as a group is like finding a common focus for the group on EVERY thing you do together. It’s not humanly possible.

Of course you can say to yourself “I will do my thing on my side” but this risks making you pass for someone who is selfish, or not sociable.

Some groups do it very well, or at least that’s what they say, but to avoid friction or disagreement, I much prefer to travel alone or with my partner. You can see here more https://www.icphs2015.info

But in general, big inconveniences to travel in group are :

Disagreements on routes, timetables, accommodation, food, prices, transport, etc. which can quickly turn sour and create a bad atmosphere that pollutes the whole trip. When traveling alone, you rely only on yourself …

The larger the group, the more complex the coordination, which often results in wasted time, which does not happen when traveling alone.

The fact that a group of travelers is already a small autonomous entity with its rites, habits, cohesion, etc. Contact with others – especially abroad – can be felt to the extent that each traveler will find it more difficult to isolate himself from the group to go to meet residents, other travelers, etc.

In the same way, people with whom we are likely to have direct contact when traveling alone, will often find it more difficult to contact if you are in a group.