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11 Phrases You Need To Know Before Traveling To Vietnam

Traveling to a foreign country can be one of the most exciting experiences of your lifetime. You get to interact with people from a different culture, and you get to see the history and beauty of somewhere far away from home.

While most people dream about traveling to a new country like Vietnam, many hesitate due to the language barriers. Not knowing the native language can pose many challenges during your trip, especially if you encounter an emergency of some sort.


If you plan on traveling to a new country, it’s very important that you try to familiarize yourself with some basic phrases to help you get around and interact with people while you’re there. The following are 11 phrases that you should know before you travel to Vietnam

1. Do you speak English?

English is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world, so it’s possible that you will encounter someone in another country that speaks English. Being able to ask, “Do you speak English?”, will allow you to better communicate with someone you meet if they do, in fact, speak English. This can help ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what is being said to you.

2. Where is the bathroom?

When you’re traveling, knowing the location of the bathroom is something you’ll absolutely need to know, and since you’ll be spending most of your time sightseeing or taking tours, you’ll want to be sure you know how to ask where the bathroom is to avoid having any embarrassing accidents.

3. My name is _____________.

You will likely need to introduce yourself to people you meet, so it’s important to know how to tell them what your name is. This way, they’ll be able to contact you, and you can have a better chance at meeting new friends.

4. How do you say ______________?

There are going to be words you don’t know how to say, and you’ll likely use hand gestures to get your point across. Knowing “How do you say…?” and then pointing to an object will allow you to communicate better with the native speakers in the foreign country. Not only will you be able to ask for the items you desire, but you’ll also learn more words and phrases in the language as well.

5. How much does this cost?

If you are doing any shopping while on vacation or even if you plan on dining out, you’ll need to be able to ask how much items cost. This way, you’ll know if you not only have enough money, but if you want to spend that much money on the object.

6. Where can I catch a bus/taxi/train?

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, you may need to find local public transportation. Being able to ask where to find a bus, taxi or train can help you get around the town more easily and allow you to take in more sights.

7. Where is the hospital?

Although you hope to never need to visit a hospital while on vacation, it’s still extremely important for you to know where the closest hospital is located if you are ever in that situation.

8. Call the police.

Again, you hope to never need emergency services while traveling, but if you do, it’s always beneficial to know how to ask for help so that your needs can be met right away.

9. Please and thank you.

It’s important that you’re polite when speaking to other people, so be sure that you know how to use your manners and say please and thank you when talking with natives.

10. I would like _________.

Sometimes you will like to ask for something, so it’s important to let people know what your intentions are. Knowing the phrase, “I would like” is also beneficial for restaurants or cafes where you can just point to the item you’d like to purchase.

11. Do you take credit cards?

If you plan on making purchases with your credit card, it’s important to know how to ask if the company accepts credit cards. This will help you know whether or not you’d be able to use your card or if you’d have to use cash.

While it’s important for you to know these phrases before you travel, it’s also a good idea to bring a translator with you during your travels. You can refer to a translation book, or there are plenty of handy smart phone applications to help you as well.

Beth Langdon is a Vietnamese teacher and freelance transcription consultant. Beth has helped many people develop dual-language documents in his website ( in french  to carry with them when traveling in Vietnam .

Reasons for Road Trip, Tips, and Car Preparation

Many don’t understand why there are people who’re willing to do a road trip during a holiday. Is it just because it’s cheaper than airplane ticket? Or merely because it’s fun? Well, someone who despises road trip doesn’t quite realize that how we get to the destination is also a part of the vacation itself. Money and adventure are just few reasons why road trip is addictive for some travelers, now let’s check the other causes.

Reasons for Road Trip

Reasons for Road Trip

Reasons to Do Road Trip:

  • Total Control of your departure and arrival time. You also can stop for meal break, toilet break, rest, or even just to admiring the amazing scenery whenever you want.
  • Eat anything you want. You know what people said about airplane and train food: The good ones are expensive, the cheap ones are trash. Now you can eat on any restaurant along the way that suits your budget.
  • Save money. Traveling with three other companions obviously a lot cheaper than buy four airplane tickets, right? Besides, you can bring almost anything in your trunk without any additional cost.
  • Experience. Depends on your destination, you may see a lot of new thing along your way, like how people live in the countryside and village.
  • Bonding with your friends, lovers, or families even more. On the road, you can have a relax conversations, singing together, do pranks, or exchanging jokes and difficult riddles with them.

Okay, if there are reasons to do road trip, then there are should be reasons why people won’t do it, right? The main excuse is probably because road trip can be troublesome, since you need to prepare for anything, from packing, deciding route, and prep the car. It also exhausting as you need to spend hours behind the wheel, especially if you drive alone. Last, bad weather also can ruin your budget and timetable.

To minimize the bad effects of road trips, there are some tips that you can apply, which includes tips to save more money.

Road Trip Tips:

  • Choose your companions carefully. This is the case if you still have an empty seat in your car. You might want to take someone else, especially the one who’s willing to chip in, take a turn for driving, and of course, someone who you like, a lot.
  • Take turns for driving. Okay, your a man takes a road trip with your girl, but it doesn’t mean that you have to behind the wheel all the way. Hey, sometimes woman also feels the need….the need for speed.
  • Entertainment. Don’t want to listen to the same music all the time, right? Bring some books, portable video game and television also might be useful, especially if you’re traveling with children/
  • Other stuff to bring, are including snacks, drinks (with a cooler if you have), sunglasses, sunscreen, garbage bags, medicines, portable battery charger, tent and sleeping bag (in case you want to camp), some cash, all necessary documents, and of course a map.
  • Drive carefully. Highway maybe tempting, but a speeding ticket or a scratch on your new car can break all the mood for a good vacation. More importantly, always check your gas!
  • Don’t push it. Rest anytime you can. Spend few minutes every time you eat or filling gas, as you don’t know if there is any other pit stops for miles ahead. Also, it’s a good idea to take a nap on rush hour.
  • Save gas, save money. Hey, it’s a nature vacation, turn off the AC and open up all the windows!

Okay, now you know the reasons and basic stuff for a road trip. The last part of this article is probably the most important one, that is how to prep your car. If for city trip you just need to check all your lights, brake, and inflate the tires, road trip prep is much more than that. Here is a quick guideline for what to do for your ride.

Prepare Car for Road Trip:

  • Check all fluids, which includes engine oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, antifreeze/coolant, radiator coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluid.
  • Check belts and hoses.
  • Look for any leaks.
  • Check (and inflate if necessary) all tires, including the spare tire, and make sure that they’re in good condition.
  • Perform a four-wheel brake check (if not done in the last six months).
  • Check the condition of the exhaust system.
  • Flush the cooling system (if not done in the last year).
  • Pressure-check the cooling system to inspect for leaks.
  • Load-test the battery to test its ability to hold a charge.
  • Check the alternator output to make sure that the charging system is working well.
  • Replace the spark plug wires if they are more than two years old.
  • Check the air filter.
  • Check all gauges, lights, AC, and wipers.
  • Fill your gas tank.

Of course that you don’t need to do all those stuff by yourself, especially if you know less about car. Just bring your ride to your trusted mechanics or garage, and let them know that you are going to do a long distance traveling.

That’s all about road trip reasons, tips, and car preparation. I hope you’ll find this article useful for your next adventure!

What to bring back home after a trip to Polynesia

Polynesia is a dream destination par excellence, and when you put your foot is generally desired more to go ! A trip with wonderful memories to tell but also to share. Moreover, you will find many souvenirs that will help you keep in touch with the islands and the people, but also authentic objects of Polynesia, which extend your trip …

Monoi oil

Monoi oilThe sun, the beach , vacations, the dream is to go , especially with the sweet scent of Monoi oil.. Monoi became an Appellation of Origin ( AO) in 1992 the ” Monoi de Tahiti .” This holy oil is an integral part of the Polynesian heritage , it is obtained by macerating the Tiare flower and coconut oil . Monoi oil is known for its natural benefits but also because of its very special flavor . You will find it everywhere in Tahiti for a price ranging from € 3.50 to € 6. In Tahiti, the Monoi Road even allows visitors to understand the manufacturing process of this sacred oil. Attention, even on these islands you can find counterfeit.

The Papeete Market , the heart of Polynesian life

The animation in this market is constant , the atmosphere in full swing every day from 6:00 am until sunset . This is the historical place of encounter and exchange for the Polynesians , there feels a family atmosphere colorful and eventful …

In Papeete Market , you will find everything from flowers, fruit and vegetables , food , but mostly crafts is very present … You will have the choice for your souvenir gifts especially among sarongs of all colors , with each more beautiful than the other patterns. There’s something for everyone and for all sizes !

You can also find decoration as tapa, a paper frame , based beaten bark and painted with natural dyes , geometric or stylized motifs. But also tifaifai , superb cover cut and sewn embossed patterns, made ​​by the hands of Tahitian women .

Do not forget to bring some vanilla to your loved ones . They will be gone on vacation at the nice smell! This vanilla is one of the best in the world. It is produced mainly in Taha’a and traditional way. Be careful though the views of the stopover in Los Angeles , vanilla may be refused if it is taking too much .

If you want the most authentic souvenirs , Polynesians are very good with their hands and the sculpture is one of their favorites especially the Marquesas arts. You will be able to buy his sculptures of legendary Polynesian tikis , but also various objects such as kitchen dishes and other interior decorations .

The Marquesas , you will have the opportunity to admire the mastery in the work of coral and shells , they are caught apnea twenty meters deep for making beautiful jewelry Marquesas .

For even more fancy Polynesian , bring one or more of black pearls in Polynesia Huahine Pearl Farm . The pearl is rare and expensive, due to its manufacturing process is very long, the export of beads is also highly regulated . A jewel with a beautiful pearl can cost about 250 € . For more information, including on price , do not hesitate to visit the museum of pearl Papeete , which will tell you more about the pitfalls to avoid when buying .

Polynesian tattoos , Polynesia in the skin

Polynesian tattoosTo learn about this part of the Polynesian culture , many tourists leave with a typical Polynesian tattoo. You will have the opportunity to make you a real permanent tattoo or a tattoo that then leave after a few weeks . The permanent tattoo is quite painful but the result is beautiful! Obviously , it is advisable to do the last day for you to enjoy to the end of your trip . Indeed, for proper healing , it is forbidden to bathe and expose the tattoo to the sun.

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