Visiting Belgium? Here are some tips:

BXL Bites

Soupe du jour   $6.50
Seasonal soup of the day

Soupe à l`oignon Gratinée   $8.00
French onion soup

Croquettes de fromage   $7.00

Bitterballen   $9.00

Croque BXL   $14
crispy sandwich with proscuitto

Moules Farcies   $9.00
Mussels in half shell gratiné

Karnemelksmeus   $12
North Sea prawns with potatoes

Chicons au Gratin   $10
Baked endive wrapped in ham

Boudin noir-Coquille   $14
scallop with blood sausage

Toast Cannibal   $15
Raw beef tartare on toast

Tomate Crevette BXL   $12
North sea prawn salad

Toast aux Champignons  $9.50
Sautéed mushrooms on toast

Os à moelle   $15
Bone Marrow with toast


Burgers and Pasta
Hamburger BXL  $13
Cheeseburger BXL  $14
Spaghetti Bolognaise  $15
Pasta Carbonara  $15


BXL Classics

Bouchée à la reine   $18
Creamy chicken stew with bacon

Carbonnades Flammandes   $19
Sirloin tips and Leffe Brown stew

Saumon Rôti   $19
Roasted salmon with leeks and potatoes

Boulettes de viande   $16
Belgian style meatballs

Poulet Rôti   $17
Roasted chicken with apple sauce

Steak Tartare   $17
Raw beef tartare with fries

Entrecôte Grillée   $25
Grilled ribeye with garlic butter

Filet mignon   $27
Beef tenderloin with peppercorn sauce


BXL Mussels

White wine shallot broth

Vin Blanc et Crème
White wine and cream

BXL Spécial
Endive and Cream

A la Witte
With wheat beer

Tomato and Basil

Cream Bacon Onion

Coconut milk lemon grass, curry

(served with Pommes Frites)


Side dishes

Pommes Frites   $6.00
Purée de pommes de terre  $5.50
Gratin Dauphinois   $6.50
Riz Blanc   $5.00
Légumes étuvés   $5.50
Choux de BXL   $5.50
Linguine   $5.00


BXL Salads
Salade BXL   $14
Romaine lettuce with chopped veggies and chicken

Salade de Crudites aux Oeuf Pochée   $14
Salad of vegetable shavings with a poached egg

Salade de Fromage de Chèvre chaud   $10
Warm goat cheese salad with honey

Salade Provençale   $15
White tuna salad with mixed greens

Salade d`endive   $12
Endive salad with apple, walnuts and blue cheese

Salade Caesar aux poulet   $14
Classic caesar salad with grilled chicken

Cheese and Charcuterie

Terrine Maison
Fromage de Chèvre
St André triple cream

Choose 3 for $14
5 for $20