Visiting Belgium? Here are some tips:


BXL East Reservations

Gaufre de Bruxelles 10.00
Crispy Belgian waffle with whipped cream and fruit served with ice cream

Moelleux au Chocolat 8.50
Decadent chocolate cake with molten Belgian chocolate center, ice cream and pistacchios

Tarte Tatin 6.50
Caramelized upsidedown apple tart served warm with vanilla ice cream

Mousse au Chocolate 6.50
Chocolate mousse made with the finest Belgian chocolate

Dame Blanche 6.50
Vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Profiteroles 6.50
Puffed pastries stuffed with vanilla ice cream and topped with warm chocolate sauce

Pot au Chocolate 6.50
Rich and creamy Belgian style chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream

Café Bruxellois 8.50
Mocha ice cream with speculoos

Crème Brulée 6.50
Vanilla custard with burned caramel on top