Visiting Belgium? Here are some tips:

Soupe du Jour 6.00
Soup of the day

Soupe a L'Oignon Gratineé 7.00
Onion soup gratinee

Terrine Maison L8.00 | D9.50
Homemade Paté

Feuilleté aux Champignons 8.00
Mushroom ragout in a puff pastry

Gateâux du fromage de chèvre 10.00
Warm goat cheese and tomato confit

Croquettes aux Truffes 12.00
Truffle mushroom and cheese croquettes

Calamars Frites 9.00
Fried calamari

BXL Sliders 11.00 *NEW*
Three veal mini-burgers with American cheese, tomato, lettuce, and endive slaw


Salade Maison 7.00
House salad

Salade Verte au Fromage de Chèvre Chaud L9.00 | D10.00
Mixed green salad with warm goat cheese and honey

Salade Provençal L13.00 | D15.00
White tuna, tomatoes, olives, string beans and boiled egg

Salade Caesar 10.00
Caesar salad

Salade Caesar avec Poulet 14.00
Caesar salad with chicken

Salade D'Endive au Roquefort L11.00 | D12.00
Endive salad with apples, walnuts and bleu cheese